Posted: ( 14 April, 2021, Lusaka)

Job Purpose

The role will beresponsible for delivering mail, documents, materials and other communicationitems from place to place as may be assigned and keep a record of the same. Itwill also be responsible for driving staff for official out of station dutiesas may be required from time to time.

Key Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities;

•To deliver mail;

•To drive staff for official duties as may be required;

•To maintain high levels of safety for both passengers, self and the vehicle;

•To meet staff and official visitors at the airport, facilitate immigration, hotel                 check-in and other formalities;

•To log official trips, daily mileage, fuel consumption, transportation/vehicle-                related expenditures, vehicle servicing and repairs; 

•To ensure day-to-day maintenance of the assigned vehicle(s) including                    checking of oil, water, battery, tyres, etc; 

•To perform minor repairs and make timely arrangements for any other repairs           necessary to keep the vehicle safe and mechanically roadworthy; 

•To maintain the vehicle(s) in clean condition; and

•To undertake any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

•Grade twelve (12) School certificate with a pass in the English Language; and

•Must have a valid driving licence

• Must have a craft certificate in motor vehicle mechanics

Competencies required for this Role

  • Grade twelve (12) School certificate with a pass in the English Language; 

  • Must have a craft Certificate in Motor Vehicle mechanics;

  • Minimum of two (2) years of experience working as a driver in a fast-paced environment;

  • Must possess a valid class B driving licence;

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