Posted: ( 16 November, 2023, Lusaka)

Job Purpose

Reporting to the Manager Investments, the Senior Investments Officer Research and Portfolio’s responsibility is to provide middle office functionality with regards to investment research and investment strategy implementation. The position is dedicated towards the research and portfolio implementation of new asset classes for investments, including key asset allocation implications, and provides NHIF portfolio management services such as financial and actuarial modelling for optimal investment of funds to assist achieve the investments strategy. 

Key Responsibilities

The key functions of the role will include but not limited  

a)Conduct market research, examine and interpret data from different sources and understand the impact this will have on the investment, assist in identification of new investment opportunities, and make relevant recommendations to management to assist in investment decision making.

b)Determine standard and market acceptable returns analysis against set benchmark

c)Construct optimized equity and debt investment portfolios for individual investment asset classes

d)Run inflation-linked (IL) portfolio and benchmark analytics.

e)Rebalance and transition portfolios to maximize tax-efficiency and other portfolio considerations

f)Construct custom market benchmark data, Monitor index changes and corporate actions on investee companies

g)Generate after-tax return data for both portfolios and benchmarks

h)Perform weighting of assets within the NHI investments portfolio in analysis of the investment choices for execution by front office.

i)Perform National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) Investment Portfolio attribution and investments portfolio re-balancing and ensure accuracy of portfolio return calculations.

j)Prepare monthly performance reports on investment strategy and research to keep the department updated

k)Implement the investment strategies, asset allocation models as customised by management’s needs and goals to enhance the achievement of the NHIMA’s investment objectives.

l)Deliver NHIMA’s portfolio management information that include performance, returns, valuation and timely reports to the Manager- Investments to enable him prepare monthly management and quarterly board reports support decision making.

m)Liaise with the other internal departments like the risk team, finance and legal departments ensure all the investments are in line with the NHIMA investment strategic goals.

n)Liaise with the external parties that might include consultants, fund managers and the advisers so as to keep track of all the NHIMA’s investments.

o)Analyse and construct risk profiles for the proposed investments, advising the trading of portfolios, monitoring markets, making trade recommendations, and assisting with trade execution.

p)Making pricing margin recommendation for all investment products, designing investment strategies, analysing portfolio attribution and applying risk management techniques. 

q)Conduct due diligence on companies and industries by researching, analysing financial statements and market data, analysing financial information relating to specific companies to determine how a company is positioned to deliver for investors

r) To keep upto date with market developments, new investments products and all other areas that can affect the markets and considering the economic implications of such factors on the performance of companies and the fund

s)Understand financial information such as financial statements, company accounts, sector data, access and understand wider business information such as economics data and political events

t)Conduct financial modelling and projection, draft and write research reports and summaries for use by the investments department.

u)Analyse Bank’s  and other Counterparties quarterly financial performance

v)Monitor the NHIF fund performance and recommend re-balancing.

w)Work with the Back Office and Compliance Team in reviewing guidelines, resolving compliance breaches, checking rules etc.

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

⦁5 “O” Levels with Credit and above in Maths and English 

⦁Degree in Economics/ Accounting or equivalent/ ACCA/ CIMA or equivalent or business-related fields

⦁ACI dealing/ ACI Operations

⦁5 years’ experience in a similar research field

⦁Investment Advisor and Stock Brokers certification

Competencies required for this Role


⦁Investment strategy, implementation and monitoring

⦁Treasury Operations

⦁Risk Management 

⦁Funding Transactions

⦁Corporate Finance


⦁Financial Products and Markets

⦁Cash management

⦁Investment and Options Appraisal

⦁Cash flow Forecasting

⦁Performance Measurement, Management and Improvement


⦁Strategic thinking and planning

⦁Pension management law and regulations (NHI Act)

⦁Stakeholder management

⦁Risk management

⦁Project management

⦁Change management

⦁Analytical thinking

⦁Budgeting and planning

⦁Report writing



⦁Customer service 

⦁Relationship management



⦁Decision making

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