Posted: ( 26 March, 2024, Lusaka)

Job Purpose

This role reports to the Senior Internal Auditor and will be responsible for performing audits of functions and activities as assigned by the Senior Internal Auditor.  Work will involve leading in the conduct of performance, financial and compliance audit assignments and providing consulting services to the Authority’s management and staff. It will also assist in assessing the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, governance and risk management processes.

Key Responsibilities

The key functions of the role will include but not limited to;

⦁Identify and recommend changes to the audit universe and participate in risk identification and assessment process and preparation of the risk-based Annual Audit Plan;

⦁Perform financial, operational and compliance audits of assigned functions, business processes, and application controls in supporting Information & Communications Technology systems including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analysing evidence and documenting client processes and procedures,

⦁Develop the planning memo, preliminary survey and audit program for each audit assignment,

⦁Lead the audit team in execution of audit program during fieldwork including documenting, evaluating and testing systems and controls to determine their adequacy and effectiveness,

⦁Identify, develop, and document audit issues and recommendations using independent judgement concerning areas being reviewed,

⦁Prepare and maintain work papers, review working papers prepared by internal auditors, following up on the clearance of review points and evaluating the sufficiency and appropriateness of audit evidence to support conclusions drawn,

⦁Prepare the draft audit report reflecting an overview of the function reviewed, conclusions regarding the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls and operational efficiencies,

⦁Supervise and coach internal auditors throughout the audit with a view to ensuring conformity with the Standards,

⦁Follow up and report on implementation of internal and external audit recommendations in order to validate resolution of the issues,

⦁Develop and maintain productive client and staff relationships through individual contacts and group meetings,

⦁Performing audits procedures of business processes, functions and application controls in supporting IT systems, including identifying and defining issues, developing criteria, reviewing and analyzing evidence and documenting client processes and procedures,

⦁Appraise staff after each audit assignment, quarterly, semi-annual and annual basis, and 

⦁Communicates or assists in communicating the results of audit and consulting projects via written reports and oral presentations to auditee. 

Knowledge, Skills, Qualifications and Experience

⦁Bachelor of Accountancy or Full ACCA

⦁Grade 12 School Certificate with five (5) ‘O’ Levels with Credit or better which must include English and Mathematics.

⦁At least one (1) year working experience Internal or External Audit  

⦁Certifications in CISA/CIA added advantage. 

Competencies required for this Role

⦁Proficiency in applying internal auditing standards, procedures and techniques required in performing engagements;

⦁An understanding of management principles to recognize and evaluate the materiality and significance of deviations from best practices;

⦁Considerable knowledge of and skill in applying internal auditing and accounting principles and practices, and management principles and preferred business practices.

⦁Knowledge of the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing and the Code of Ethics developed by the Institute of Internal Auditors;

⦁Knowledge of management information systems terminology, concepts and practices;

⦁Knowledge of industry program policies, procedures, regulations and laws;

⦁Skill in conducting quality control reviews of audit work products.

⦁Skill in collecting and analysing complex data, evaluating information and systems, and drawing logical conclusions;

⦁Considerable skill in planning and project management, and in maintaining composure under pressure while meeting multiple deadlines;

⦁Skill in negotiating issues and resolving problems;

⦁Considerable skill in using a computer with word processing, spreadsheet and other business software to prepare reports, memos, summaries and analyses;

⦁Considerable skill in effective verbal and written communications, including active listening skills and skill in presenting findings and recommendations;

⦁Ability to establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with co-workers, staff and external contacts, and to work effectively in a professional team environment;

⦁Considerable skill in assessing the effectiveness of internal controls over key IT risks, identifying significant exposures, analysing transactions and other management information and detecting changes in key risks and/or control effectiveness. Skill in developing appropriate recommendations to address exposures;

⦁Knowledge of generally accepted IS audit standards, statements and practices, and IS security and control practices; and

⦁Ability to learn new operations quickly and work independently is a must.

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